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Collection Of Wedding Rings

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Planning A Wedding Reception On A Budget

A grand wedding reception is a dream of all people. But sometimes, your limited bank account may not allow you to organize a luxurious ceremony. However, you can conduct a colorful and memorable wedding reception at a reasonable rate with proper planning.

Tips for planning a wedding reception on a budget

• You have to create a detailed list of all "must haves" for your wedding reception. It should contain the venue, attire, decoration, vendors etc. You have to mention whether you want photographer and videographer and whether you want any other activities etc. It helps you to calculate the estimate expense.

• Prioritize your list in a way that the most wanted "must haves" are at the top and the least wanted are at the bottom. It is then easy to remove the things that you like but is not necessary and to limit the expense within your budget.

• Venue is an important element. You have to decide whether your venue should be in any restaurant, hotel, home or a hall where you have to bring the catered food. The thing that takes the major chunk of your budget is the food. Many restaurants offer private hall for wedding parties. You can also hold your reception in some garden or at someone’s home. You can bring a caterer to save money.

• If you want music for your wedding, you can hire a live musician or a DJ. If your preference is to a live music, contact a school or a church, so that you get to know of a budding student musician and then you can hire him for less money. Professional photographers can be very priceypricy. So you can approach your friends or family members who own digital cameras. Try to get photography students who will work for a low fee.

• No matter where your reception venue is, it should be decorated beautifully. The inexpensive flowers and ornate may not be affordable for you. So, you can find many less expensive alternatives such as rose petals and clusters of votives

• Try to find a good dress but not a branded one for the bride. The groom can rent his attire at an affordable rate. Instead of an expensive make-up artist, approach a makeup counter in a departmental store.

These tips for planning a wedding reception on a budget help you to save your fortune.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Plan your wedding ceremony online

Are you a recently engaged couple? If yes, it is sure that you are in the struggle of planning your wedding ceremony. Everybody dreams of a gorgeous wedding ceremony with all the luxury. Only when they start planning, they realize organizing a wedding function as they like to have, is a difficult task.

This article tells you how to plan a wedding ceremony online by simply sitting at home. The major benefit when you plan your wedding online is that you can deal everything in one place such as venue, transportation, accommodation, catering, decoration etc. You will be able to find many special deals and packages for your special day.

Many online wedding ceremony planning websites provide free planning worksheets and calendars. You can either download and save them in your computer or print them. These worksheets generally include budget worksheet, wedding day schedule worksheet and guest seating arrangement worksheet.

Online wedding directories
Online wedding directories give you a long list of wedding venues by city, state and country and they introduce you to local wedding vendors. It helps you to find out the services offered by the vendors and the location that suits to your taste.

Wedding planning software
Many wedding planning websites offer wedding planning software as free or at low-cost. It provides several planning stages, calendars and worksheets. With the help of this software, you can formulate a wedding day agenda, maintain vendor and guest lists. As it is free, you can download it in your computer and access it through a planning website.

Wedding planning forum
Planning forum is a nice wedding ceremony idea. It offers a virtual platform to the planners to gather and discuss about their planning tips, troubleshooting and personal planning advice. If you have a particular problem or question with the planning, you can share it in this forum and find good solutions.

You can create your own online wedding website where you can form a private online binder to keep all your record plans, agendas, scanned copies of bill and receipts. You can also create a public page for the guests to access your registry list.

Wedding website gives many tips on things like invitation, costumes, make up, music etc. If you plan your wedding ceremony online, you can save time and money on cell phone and in traveling.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Top Best Free Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding is the most awaited occasion in the life of every people. Everybody began to dream about a colorful wedding day from the age of fifteen or sixteen. However, organizing a wedding as elaborately as your dream is not an easy task. Finance is the main problem. Wedding ceremonies are very expensive. Therefore, you have to plan and prepare well. For this, you have to follow some top best free wedding planning tips.

Wedding registry
Wedding registry is a good idea to find the expense for your wedding. Instead of gifting kitchen accessories and other household things, your guests can sponsor a portion of your wedding expense as their gifts. They can give you the money as cash or check. You can put your wedding ideas and plans in the registry to share with your guests and invite them through emails and announcements to inform about your registry.

You may feel that this is a difficult option. But try to enter competitions to win your dream wedding. Some service providers conduct such competitions to promote their site and increase the traffic. You may be the winner, if you have the luck. So, just try, you have nothing to lose, but something to get.

Loyalty cards
You can shop with some loyalty cards provided by many service providers where you get some reward points for each purchase with that loyalty cards. You can use these rewards points for your wedding purpose.

Hotel loyalty cards
Many hotels provide loyalty scheme. Go through their websites and get more details. Before you book a hotel for your wedding ceremony, know about the offers in their loyalty scheme. You have to join the loyalty scheme before reserving that hotel. Suppose you book a $4000 reception at a hotel. You can earn some reward points and you can use these reward points to book accommodations for your guests or to book your honeymoon.

Destination wedding
Planning your wedding and honeymoon in the same hotel is a good free wedding plan. If you book your honeymoon in the same hotel, some hotels may allow you to organize your wedding ceremony, free of charge. So you can save the expense of an auditorium and the rooms for guests.

Do not worry if your bank account does not allow you to fulfill your dream. Follow these wedding tips and get a colorful wedding.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tips For Choosing Wedding Theme

Wedding is the most precious event in the life of an individual. Everybody plans and prepares, long before, to make their dream wedding a special occasion. One of the most effective and cost-friendly ways to make your wedding day, a memorable event is to have a good theme for your wedding. There are many kinds of wedding themes like a color theme, a film or TV program, an era or a sporting activity etc.

Having a theme adds special attraction to your wedding. However, you have to think about many factors to find a good theme that fits to your taste and wedding budget. Here are some tips for choosing a wedding theme.

Select a theme that is personal for you both
There might be a special film or a T V program that you both like. Suppose you both like the film, Alice in Wonderland or you both are interested in mountain biking, try to incorporate these ideas in your wedding day. You can add some simple things to your theme such as music, favors, foods and table centerpieces.

Decide whether you like a traditional or a modern theme
Some people like to have a traditional wedding. They are not ready to be very creative on their wedding theme. Such people can theme their marriage function according to the season. For example, a winter wedding has vases with rock salt and twigs as the table centerpiece and snowflakes, and icicles on the ceiling.

But if you have a completely different idea, there are a lot of options for you. Fusion of two themes such as Malaysian/Scottish is a new trend nowadays. You can combine Malaysian wedding decoration with traditional Scottish costumes.

Plan whether you want a formal or an informal theme
Some people think wedding should be a formal event, but others want it in an informal way. According to them, wedding is the occasion for sharing joy and happiness. But, once you plan a wedding theme, then it is difficult to change it. You have to pay extra to change your already planned theme.

Be conscious about your budget
Budget is one of the important tips for choosing a wedding theme. If you plan a budget wedding, then your theme should be able to save your money. Beach wedding is comparatively an economical wedding theme.

The first thing that engaged couples should do is to discuss with each other and reach to a common idea.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

How to Create a Basic Wedding Plan

Congratulations! You have planned to get marry. Let your wedding be a grand success and may you have the happiest moments in your life. A colorful wedding ceremony is a dream of all people. However, you have to be well planned and prepared to execute your dreams. The wedding planning should start at least one year before the big day.

This article tells you how to create a basic wedding plan. Here are the basic wedding plans that you have to take care of.

  • After announcing the wedding date, calculate the total estimate and your budget.
  • Determine the number of guests and find the reception venue

  • Search through various bridal magazines for new ideas

  • Contact the wedding specialists and consultants

  • Search for photographer, videographer, ceremony musicians and reception bands etc and book them as per your budget.

  • Contact several caterers and book one that suit to your demand and budget.

  • Arrange for transportation and paring facility for your guests.

  • Book rental car, hotels and air ticket for guests.

  • Contact the person who decorates the auditorium or hall. Select one as per your taste and budget.

  • Determine the style, color, design and wording of the invitation card, table card and thank-you card. Finalize one and order for that.

  • Include hotel information and map in the invitation card.

  • Create a wedding registry for gifts

  • Form a honeymoon registry if you want gifts in the form of sponsorship for your honeymoon.

  • Visit your registry often and update or add latest information.

  • Plan your honeymoon destination and design a special budget for that.

  • Book the honeymoon package as early as possible because you may not get time to plan for it after your marriage.

  • Buy clothes, accessories and stationeries essential for honeymoon.

  • Select a wedding ring or band.

  • Choose good wedding vows or write one yourself.

  • Select your wedding costume and order for that.

  • Choose and order your gloves, shoes and hairpiece.

  • Confirm the delivery date of your wedding attire.

  • Consult a beautician at least one month before.

  • Call the guests who have not responded to your invitation card.

You have to pre-plan your wedding day. Have good breakfast, take your own time to get ready, relax and enjoy yourself.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Importance of a Wedding Planning Checklist

Most of the people know what it takes to plan a wedding. However, with changing times the various demands of a wedding requirement has gone up.

So, in order to make the event a memorable experience, your wedding planning shall be in sync with current demands of the time. Taking care of the same shall ensure that everyone invited over the event can have their share of enjoyment and none is made to feel like a left out!

Thus, here are some of the important marriage checklists

Let's see some of the pivotal checklists in this regard;

* Do your homework firmly - Take a day from your hectic life and sit back and just think what kind of a person you are and based on the findings just plan you're wedding according to your taste buds. Actually, you shall start to plan all the requirements of your wedding as soon you get engaged.

* Set the time and date accordingly - Excitement is something which runs high when some one gets to take the wedding vows. While its obvious to note but in the same passion deciding the crucial dates about wedding shall be put in a harmony of some facts. You want everyone to attend your marriage ceremony right? So, in order to let everyone grace the occasion and bless you, just make sure everyone would be able to make it up on the planned date. Cross check with your close relatives if they are having any important plans already set for the day you have decide for your marriage and then plan accordingly.

* Nail the budget - Now that you already know as to what are the essentials to be picked for the wedding day, also try making a budget so that you get a basic idea about the amount you would be spending too. Obviously, your wedding ceremony shall end on a pleasing and happy note and not in debt or the chances of mortgaging your parents' home to repay the same. Just plan it and sort the issues out!

* Mood for the party - Once you are done with the essential bit of planning and expenditure of your marriage, its now the reaping time for you make the occasion more blistering through deciding on people you would love to spend the special day as part of the ideas for a pretty bridal shower party.

* Guests' list - Inviting people to the most significant occasion of your life is a very emotional moment. But, emotions apart, you can just cut down the list by removing names of the people you have not been in touch for many years. Remember, not everyone would be able to make it to the event. Add a 10-15% more and you would surely end inviting the right number of the people.

* Conclusion - More such wedding planning checklists are available over the internet. Even free wedding planning checklist is the content one can find in various wedding related books and archives, too.

Planning a wedding checklist shall help you coordinate the marriage in a more vehement way.

So, what are you waiting for just implement some of the given wedding planning checklist and plan your way to success!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Planning Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

Off course, all of us want our marriage to be an even of standing. But, sadly only few of them are lucky enough to get the same.
However, with some committed planning and checklist you can easily break the ice and turn the day in your esteemed favor.
Thus, in order to help you get the perfect marriage according to the choices of preferences and traits, we take this space to update you on the same.

Let's see in brief that important wedding ceremony planning ideas which has the potential to turn your de-glam and ordinary wedding in to the one worth dying for…

  • Set a budget - You need to make a budget as in under what amount you want the wedding ceremony to get solemnized in. Once you are done with making the budget, you shall also see the various commodities prices with your budget and increase and decrease the same in accordance with your next set of actions.

  • Set a deadline - It is very important to fix a deadline for priorities to be done in the marriage. Based on the importance of a work, prepare a chart and enlist in the same when you want the same to get completed. Once you are done doing that, start actions to complete them. Like this, you would be able to plan your wedding ceremony easily.

  • Make a cut on various mix of things - Avoid serving an elaborate meal and wine counter if you are having a tight budget. Serving the cake would be more than enough. Also avoid publishing extra glamorous cards. You can also cut through your expenses by avoiding overdoing the make up or beauty regime.

  • Taking care of wedding accessories - Generally people tends to overlook this section and land in trouble on the D day. Thus, every minute detail shall be taken into account while making sure that you have got all materials pertaining to the wedding ceremony programs well before time.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wedding planning importance & significance

Wedding is a kind of ritual in which two people are united by a tradition of marriage. Wedding ceremonies vary greatly between countries, religions, cultures and social classes. Many of the wedding ceremonies involve exchange of wedding rings and wedding vows by the bride and the bride-groom.

Wedding is also a very interesting event full of joy and happiness encompassing all the features of a marital bliss.

Wedding Planning starts before marriage. Bride, Bridegroom and their parents make the wedding plan in advance.

Even the bride and the bridegroom's friends participate in the wedding plan. They Plan to purchase gifts to be given during wedding, things to be purchased in order to decorate the wedding hall and get different ideas suggesting different combinations of dresses and make-ups for the bride and the bride groom.

Wedding Plan carries the same importance as planning for a big carnival and planning to have a big party after the victory of the Spanish Football team at the world cup.

The important things like wedding invitation, reception date, reception place, reception time and the number of guests that are to be invited for the wedding and dinner is included in the Wedding Plan. The lists of activities are carried out according to the amount of importance associated to each activity. These activities are worked out according to the wedding plan.

Wedding Planning concentrates not only on the wedding arrangements but also on the budget. Financial Planning for the wedding ceremony should be made in such a way that quantity of food served to the guests after wedding should be maintained with the quality.

Wedding Planning includes heavy responsibilities. So it is necessary to systematically bifurcate the responsibilities properly between the different members of family and allocate the work to them according to their particular work efficiency. It is also necessary to capture important and unforgettable events with friends and relatives after the wedding ceremony. So it is necessary to hire a professional photographer as wedding is the most auspicious and important occasion of one's life. Even one can even hire a person to take a live video-shooting of the important events of the wedding ceremony so that the bride and bridegroom's friends and relatives can see them on video in near future. Even which songs should be sung or which music should be recorded at the time of the wedding should be included in the wedding planning and the decision on the kind of music to be played
during the wedding ceremony should be taken before few days of wedding.

Thus, we can say that wedding is the most significant occasion in the life of each one of us. So in order to have a happy and a joyful wedding ceremony a wedding planning should be made in such a manner that no invited guest should feel ignored .In Short, each and every guest coming for the wedding should be attended as per the wedding plan.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Unique ideas for wedding planning ceremony

Wedding is the most awaited ceremony and as the wedding date approaches, there are a lot of tasks that are to be completed. If you are planning for wedding, then plan in advance so that there won't be any problem. With the help of unique wedding ideas, you could planning a wedding that would be different and popular amongst the wedding guests. Planning for the wedding usually starts about 8 to 9 months in advance.

While taking into account the wedding planning idea, we can opt for small innovative steps like considering even small neglected aspects and arranging for them in advance. Besides these, couples could also opt for free wedding planning wherein they could have their wedding ceremony in a very small budget. Listed below are some unique ideas for wedding planning ceremony.

Unique ideas related to the items to be considered for wedding planning

Wedding Cake: It should complement with the colors and theme planned for the wedding. You can also consider the same color cake that resembles the wedding decorations or bride's dress. Discuss with the provider in advance about the type of cakes and their sizes. The size of the cake should be decided based of the number of wedding guests. Different varieties of cakes like multilayered cakes and tiered cake are available. Once the requirements such as color, flavor, and the type are finalized, you can order the wedding cake in advance.

Centerpieces and Favors: Different varieties of candles and candle holders can be used as centerpieces. You can also opt for centerpieces that are hand-made and can be reused at home. These centerpieces can also be gifted to the wedding guests along with the thanksgiving note.

For an outdoor wedding, you can use grapevines and floating candles as favor ideas.

Wedding Themes: Various innovative themes can be adopted for the wedding such as eco-friendly wedding or picnic wedding. For couples, who are least interested in the traditional wedding, they could opt for such innovative themes like in eco-friendly wedding. They can go for paperless invitation and send them through emails. Arrange the wedding in daytime and at outdoor venues to avoid excessive usage of lights. This would help to cut down your expenses, and give extreme satisfaction that you have a contributed your wedding ceremony for an environmental cause.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wedding Theme Ideas

When you are planning for wedding, you have to take into consideration the wedding theme. Depending on the wedding theme, the other aspects like lightings, venue, dresses, food, and decor could be used for wedding planning. Many innovative and inexpensive ideas are available for making a wedding the most memorable experience for you as well as your guests. Free wedding planning options are also available online which will give ideas about Budget wedding.

The first thing that should be planned for a wedding is the theme. There are various unique options available, like the theme could be of artists of 70's. There are many seasonal wedding themes that can be used as a wedding planning idea. They are as follows:

* Christmas wedding theme: In the Christmas wedding theme, mostly the Christmas gifts, Christmas trees are utilized. Beautiful ornaments, ornamental centerpieces are also used

* Summer wedding theme: This wedding theme is opted for mainly in the month of June. The most popular wedding themes that are opted for include beach wedding themes, and tropical wedding theme. Besides these, other options are Rose wedding theme and Butterfly wedding theme

* Spring wedding theme: You can utilize the natural settings as the weather is very pleasant for spring wedding

* Fall wedding theme: The most preferred wedding venue for this theme is your home or church. The colors used include yellows, orange, and navy blue. Fall flowers, and grapevine wreaths can be used as wedding decor.

* Romantic wedding theme: You can use your own imaginative ideas, and bring out a romantic feel to your wedding. Based on the fairy tales and novels, select a theme that can be adapted as a wedding theme

* Beach wedding theme: These wedding themes are very popular and the natural setting of the beach can be used as the theme. We have to be careful about many things such as climate, rules etc

* Winter wedding theme: You can utilize diamond ornaments, and white strapless dresses for bridal wear. Opt for suitable wrap such as red color, or dark colored shawls. White flowers, floating candles, and small white lightnings can be used as wedding decor for winter wedding theme.

Besides these there are other types of wedding ideas like Vintage wedding theme and Western theme wedding theme. Wedding planning ceremony could be planned in advance and utilized as per our own likes, ideas, personality etc.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Save on your wedding

If you are getting ready to plan your wedding and your budget is small, it is necessary to save from all areas of the wedding planning. In this article you will find out about the ways you can save on different wedding costs.

Here are some tips for
free wedding planning:

* Almost seventy percent of the marriages take place in the between the months of May and October every year. At this time you will find the prices of the wedding prices reaching the skies. You can easily get a good deal from these services if you plan your wedding in the off season months. You can avoid the holiday dates, as the hotels, caterers and bands are mostly going to be busy with they holiday events.

* The easiest way to cut the prices in your wedding planning is to save on the food and drinks by cutting short the guests list. This might mean cutting down some people you want to invite to your wedding. It is necessary as it is the quickest and easiest way to control your budget. In your reception, the food and drinks would be very costly. Remember, that guests, who are not so close to you, could be invited alone without family.

* Bridal gowns are not the only white gowns you will find. You can easily opt for a good wedding dress from a woman's evening wear section. During the last seasons, white elegant gowns have been in style so it won't be difficult for you to find a bridal dress amongst these. You can also look at the bridesmaid's dresses in white or ivory for the same.

* The most important thing in planning such a big event is to bargain! While buying any thing related to 'wedding' try to negotiate on the prices.

* Another effective saver is holding the reception and the wedding ceremony at the same place. This will cut down the transportation costs. Many places of worship, halls that are well equipped to hold a reception at a very affordable fee are available.

* When you are looking out for a photographer for your wedding, you can always choose an amateur photographer who is about to go professional and who needs experience. If you do this, make sure you have a look at his previous work before you decide to hire him. You could also start with photography students.

* If you are getting married in a church, there are chances of other weddings taking place prior or after yours. You can arrange to share the costs of decorating the church with these couples. Also remember that getting married after an event in the church has the place already decorated.

* When you go to the travel agents for planning your honeymoon, ask them for honeymoon vouchers. This way you pay less than the normal tours.

* The groom's outfit can be taken on rent. If he decides to buy it, it would cost much more and he would probably not wear it again.

* If you have
planned for the reception to be at a different place than the ceremony, choose a place which does not charge the hiring fee. This way the fee per head will be cheaper than a hotel.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

First steps for wedding planning

After you engagement, you must be having a thousand ideas swirling in your head about the way you want to get married. Getting married is the most important occasion of anyone’s life, and you may not know where to begin your wedding planning. This article will guide you with the first steps of planning your wedding.

Here are the very first steps you should take for starting to plan your wedding:

  • Tone: The foremost thing to decide is the tone of your wedding, do you want it to be formal, casual or a theme wedding. At this time it is best to also decide whether you are going to have a religious ceremony or a secular one. The best way to decide is to sit down with your partner and discuss about the type of weddings you both would like to have.

  • Budget: The next thing is the budget. Start looking at your finances and calculate how much you can afford to spend on the wedding without spending all your savings on it. You can talk to your parents and ask if they want to contribute to your wedding and how much. The most important aspect is to decide the debt you are comfortable taking for your wedding. It is strongly advised to the young couples to avoid debt as much as possible. At this time you can open a new account that could bring you airline offers, cash back or even other incentives.

  • Attendants: The next step to wedding planning is making a list of the guests you want to invite. This is one of the most important decisions of planning a wedding. The length of the guest list will help you decide how big of a reception hall you will have to book, how much food you need to order, where you should have the ceremony, etc. if your budget is small, try to keep the guests list short and the wedding short and simple. This way you won’t need any wedding planner and hence you can cut down the cost.

  • Venue: You should start looking for the venue once you are done with the guests list and know how many people you are going to invite. This should be done well in advance, as the halls are always booked a year in advance. This will help you get better dates, time and the cost of the venue you planned for.

  • Support: It is better to plan your wedding with other's help. It could be professional, publications or even your friends who have planned their own weddings. If you can afford an extra cost, think about hiring a professional wedding planner or a consultant. This can be very helpful if you are busy with other work and don’t have time to match the details of the whole event. This can also be a great help if you have no idea about free wedding planning. A wedding planner might be able to set up your ideal wedding and also save your money. You can also talk to other couples who have planned their weddings through networking sites. You can also use online wedding planning checklist to stay on top of your to do lists.