Thursday, December 22, 2011

Things to Consider if You're Planning a Christmas Wedding

Wedding Planning

Christmas is the time of year when everybody is in the celebratory mood. It is the best time to spend time together with your loved ones. However, you can avoid planning your wedding on the Christmas Day and plan out a destination weekend wedding instead. With this all your family members would be able to attend your wedding.

This will help you to celebrate Christmas Eve with your family members and later on go in for Destination wedding. It will help you to get the desired romantic setting for exchanging your vows and beginning your married life.

You have to consider some very important aspects for planning a Christmas Wedding. They are listed below:

  • The foremost aspect to be considered for the wedding planning with Christmas as the theme is to decide the budget for your wedding. Besides this, you have to also decide the date for the wedding and venue for the ceremony.

  • The next step after taking up this decision is to begin the planning process. For this you can either hire a planner or do it on your own.

  • Check out the possible locations which can be booked for organizing your reception ceremony and wedding party. This decision should be taken well in advance and book it to get the desired location.

  • The wedding invitations should be related to the Christmas theme. You can order it online or prepare it on your own.

  • The popular colors commonly considered for the Christmas themed wedding include black, white, bright red or silver colors. The decors, cakes, and favors could be either of these colors or combinations of these colors.

  • You can go in for the Christmas lightings and small pine trees resembling the Christmas tree for the purpose of decoration at the venue. Besides these, an excellent option could be to use ribbons, aromatic candles, or accessories in shape of Santa Claus.

  • The style and fabrics used for the wedding dress should match the winter season and Christmas theme. You can consult your planner to get the best deals and offers for the dresses.

  • For the gifts present for the wedding, you can arrange for some games and Christmas gifts for them. You can give the responsibility to your friend or a family member to dress up as Santa Claus and give these gifts to the children present for the ceremony.

  • The popular choices for the menu include hot chocolate, eggnog, Salmon Sandwiches, baked beans, Christmas cookies, gingerbread, and many other delicious treats garnished with plenty of nuts, almonds, chocolate chips, or cranberries.

  • You should not forget the most important aspect which is your wedding cakes in christmas. The wedding cake for Christmas theme could be perfect blend of Christmas theme and your personal likes at affordable rates.

You have to remember the important guidelines mentioned above for planning a Christmas Wedding.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wedding Cake Advice

An important piece of advice for a wedding cake is to keep it at a central place in the hall and not in some corner. It should be the centre of attraction for the guests than anything else as it deserves all kinds of exclamations due to its flavor and decoration.

Any fantastic traditional wedding cakes are white with some decoration of fruits or flowers. However, it is a good idea to include other pastel shades in the cake like dusty pink, light blue or light gold and sage green. One more common design in a cake is a white lace of icing around the cake that resembles a bride's wedding gown.

Instead of a three tiered wedding cake you could go for a cupcake for each individual guest. You could have choice of 2-3 flavors of your choice like lemon, carrot, pineapple or chocolate. It is also a nice idea to serve your wedding cake on the pudding.

Especially in spring and summers using fruits in cake is a good option as plenty of fresh fruits are available and also the shelf life of the cake is much longer in this case. The cake remains fresh even after a long wedding day. A simple sponge cupcake could be appreciated by many people especially in summers. You could have a heavy dramatic and tasteful chocolate wedding cakes preferably if you have a winter wedding.

It is best to consult a professional confectioner for advice on your wedding cake. It is also a good idea to visit wedding exhibitions where these people exhibit their cake designs. Before you book a cake for your wedding make sure that your confectioner specializes in the kind of cake you want for your wedding. It is also a good idea to go by reference from any of your friends who know any confectioner well.

Friday, July 15, 2011

It's Your Wedding Day - Say Cheese!

Do you want to avoid photograph disasters? Do you want to have great wedding photographs of your wedding? If yes, there are a few things that you must know. To get good photographs, you need to take best choice from the beginning. If you want to have beautiful wedding photographs then you need to first select the best photographer who takes good photos. Choosing the best photographer is an important part of wedding. You must look for an expert while choosing a wedding photographer. One way to make sure this happens is by ensuring the photographer is reliable as well as reputable.

If you want to get the best photos of your wedding day then you must contact the people who have already used different services of the wedding photographer. If they tell you about their photographs then you can find who took those photos. You can ask the name of the photographer and contact him.

You must start searching for a good photographer for wedding ahead. Never decide on a photographer in the last moment. If you select the photographer at the last moment then you can not have the great photos that you are looking for. You must give more time for searching a good photographer. By seeing the photos of other couples taken by photographers, you can decide who takes good photos and who do not. This will surely help you in deciding which is one is best photographer for your wedding.

You also need to look for a photographer who can suggest better poses in wedding. There are a few photographers who prefer taking more traditional photos while some prefer to be creative and show creativity in their photos. You need to think on the photos you have interest in and ensure that he or she can take those photos.

You can even search for best photographers online. There are many online photographers with whom you can talk and choose him or her for your wedding. There are numerous photography sites, which features several professionals. The benefit of choosing an online photographer is you can see the sample photos taken by them on their website. Another benefit is you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Royal Wedding of Princess Charlene & Prince Albert

Prince Albert ties a knot with Princes Charlene at the Prince's palace. This grand royal wedding took place on 2nd July in Monaco. Charlene is a great and former Olympic swimmer who belongs to South Africa. Choosing a wedding dress is an important part of planning a wedding. She wore a Giorgio Armani Prive gown at her wedding ceremony. This gown is made of off –white silk duchesse. Charlene's gown took almost 2,500 hours as it was sewn into 420 yards of off-white silk. Albert wore a cream colored summer uniform at the wedding ceremony.

The televised wedding took place inside the courtyard of the Prince's palace. A performance by a famous singer named Andrea Bocelli was arranged for the wedding ceremony. This newlywed couple departs from Monaco after the wedding ceremony. Charlene wipes a tear as she is going to leave the St Devote Church after her wedding. Albert already has an illegal 6 year old son named Alexandre and a 19 year daughter named Jazmin. For avoiding media exposure, both were kept away from the marriage ceremony of Albert according to an official inside the royal palace.

The source added that the truth behind this rumor is that Prince Albert faces fatherhood tests following a claim of an ex- lover. However, none of the illegal brood of the Prince Albert will have an assertion to the throne, with the official saying, although a third child is confirmed, Albert is not going to have an official heir unless Charlene bears him one. Lawyers of Albert reported that the rumor that he fathered another child is not true.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


The famous model Kate Moss is going to marry with her boyfriend named Jamie Hince. The marriage date is fixed that is on July 1 2011. This marriage will cost Kate Moss more than 500,000 British pounds. Her boyfriend Jamie is well known and leading guitarist for the band named The Kills that he formed in the year 2000 with Alison Mosshart, a best song writer. Choosing the perfect wedding dress is an important part of any wedding planning. A designer named John Galliano will design the wedding dress for Kate moss according to the reporting of The Daily Mail. John Galliano is currently in rehab and is contracting with a continuing court case following numerous suspected racist outbreaks while drinking in Paris.

Dress that the John will design will be a vintage 1920-style gown. After the wedding event, wedding festivities will take 3 days and will include a dinner party, a karaoke party in which she is expecting her guests. These special guests will join Moss on stage to sing a song. A singer named Shirley Bassey will sing a song at her wedding with Jamie Hince. Kate Moss wanted well old-fashioned entertainment in her wedding and Shirley was the ideal choice. Performances will be also taken place by Rapper Snoop Dogg and Iggy Pop. Very famous and big personalities are coming to this beautiful couple’s wedding including Jude Law, Naomi Campbell, Sadie Frost, Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano. There is also a rumor that Street artist named Banksy will be also coming to attend the wedding of Kate Moss.

As a last part of their wedding planning, both of them have also signed a pre-nuptial agreement, which will not permit her boyfriend Jamie Hince to collect the half of the fortune of Moss if they get divorced in any case. A helicopter and 6 tents will be set up for doing the preparation for the reception.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Get The Wedding Of Your Dream With A Low Budget

Weddings have become a very costly affair of late. Moreover, if you have decided to organize a wedding in a small budget, the task becomes extremely difficult. Wedding is the very special event in the life of every individual and they would like to organize it as they have always dreamed about.

Planning a wedding as per your dreams can result in huge cost. In order to organize a wedding as per your dreams and considering the wedding budget decided is very easy if you spend little time and effort for planning it.

Here we provide you some wedding planning tips which would be a helpful resource for all those couples planning a wedding in a very low budget. These tips will help you to save money which can be used later on either your honeymoon or for purchasing a house.

Tips for planning a wedding of your dream with a low Budget are described below:

• Deciding the budget of the wedding is a very important part of the wedding. It will surely help you to save a lot of money. You can refer to many online websites for more information about wedding planning with low budget which would surely help you plan the wedding budget.

• Once you have finalized the budget of your wedding, and then prepare a wedding budget planner worksheet. You can plan out the amount that would be spend on each category such as the clothes, reception, location, clothes, gifts for relatives, transportation and d├ęcor in it. While allotting money for the different categories, you also keep aside some money for some unforeseen expenses

• Prepare a list of the wedding guests and it would determine the other requirements for the wedding. Keep the list small and avoid inviting a large number of people. It would help you to get a dream wedding in a limited budget

• Collect information about marriage venue and stylized clothing that suits your needs. There are many online sites which provide you good selection of wedding dresses at discounted prices. The wedding planning industry in India 2011 saw in influx of preference for affordable ball gowns and tea-line dresses. Thus, you can also consider these types of dresses.

• You can cut down the size of wedding and also print your own party and wedding invitations

• You can opt for buffet type dinner and opt for purchasing drinks from wholesale dealers

• Discuss you plans for the wedding with your family members. Check out if there are people in your family who can take up the activities such as floral arrangements, photography and decorating the wedding location

• It is more preferable to arrange the wedding in the morning. This would help to reduce the cost because it would require only a brunch reception or breakfast

• Opt for getting married on a weekday. Many banquet halls offer huge discounts for the wedding on a weekday events.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Collection of Wedding Dresses

White and Red Wedding Dresses

White and Purple Wedding Dresses

Short Wedding Dresses

Purple Wedding Dresses

Long Sleeves Wedding Dresses

Long Beach Wedding Dress

Green Wedding Dresses

Indulge in colorful wedding gown according to the season, location, your personality and likes. Let the cascading skirt and fabric unveil their beauty as you adorn them on your body. You can look up for trending patterns from 2015 Wedding Dress Industry catalogue, and merge them with your fashionable outfit for marriage.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to choose royal couple their wedding & reception cakes

While you do planning your wedding want to please everyone. There are many family traditions and expectations and if it is a royal wedding the traditions and expectations are far more. Couples work to make this event as traditional, unique and personal as possible. Obviously, such is the case with Prince William and the bride to be Kate Middleton. A national celebration in the UK, the wedding is the knot that will be tied at the West minister Abbey. Details of the wedding cakes have recently been revealed for the people who crave for the tidbits of the royal wedding.

Keeping up with the British wedding tradition, the wedding cake will be a brandy fruit cake with candied and dried fruits and nuts. Fruit cake tastes better after a process of 4 weeks aging, the cake is already begun to bake by the chosen cake designer Fiona Cairns. Cairns has a bakery in the English countryside which makes 27,000 cakes a week and is known for her fruitcakes and for using ingredients that are true to the royal tradition. According to Cairns, the cake is many tiered and each tier flaunts a different theme. It will be decorated in cream and white tones and will be embellished with floral elements planned well in advance. She agreed that Kate the bride knew what she wanted. She had a few traditional ideas but with quite a modern twist.

Flowers decorated on the cake give a meaning to the occasion and are used in the architecture of Buckingham Palace. The flowers represent the countries of the UK, the Scottish thistle, English rose, Welsh daffodil and Irish shamrock. Other elements used on the cake are oak and acorn that stand for strength and endurance.

Prince William will set a new tradition by having a groom's cake which is quite unusual in the UK tradition. His cake is popularly called the "chocolate cookie cake", and is based on a royal recipe which is a secret.

The unbaked cake consists of 1700 McVities Rich Tea biscuits mixed with 17 kilo dark chocolate before it gets molded to multiple tiers and heaped and decorated with chocolate.

This wedding might set up new trends for royal wedding cakes and royal couples will start to have wedding plans differently.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Collections for Interlude Wedding Songs

The interlude wedding song is played when the guests are leaving the venue of wedding ceremony towards the reception party. It is played during the time between the ceremony and reception till the guests finally arrive at the reception.

These songs are played during the ceremony such as unity reflection or rose presentation after the ceremony. While selecting the song, it is necessary to check whether the song selected is suitable to be played as an interlude. The song selected should be able to motivate the guests and provide them a break to enjoy the wedding reception ceremony.

There is no specific music or song which that can be played as interlude romantic wedding songs. Hence, it makes the task of selecting the interlude music or songs difficult. Some of the popular options which are selected as interlude songs include romantic songs, soft jazz or songs for the bride and groom.

This music helps in increasing the magnificence of the ceremony. The task of selecting the wedding song should be done by researching on the websites about the most popular collections of interlude songs. It is necessary to listen to the song before selecting it for the occasion.

Make sure to select the soft or gentle music as your interlude music. It would help the wedding guests to communicate properly with each other. If you opt for loud music instead of soft then it will distract the guests and they would find it difficult socializing. You should also take care of the lyrics of the song before selecting them. Check out whether it suitable to be played for the occasion.

The best option is to select the song which portrays the relationship that you share with your partner and is suitable for the occasion. It should emphasize on the occasion. Another excellent option is to opt for live band to play the music or song, you have selected for the occasion. You should also check out with the band whether they are familiar with the song selected to be played for the occasion.

The details mentioned in this section will help you to select the best interlude wedding songs.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

How To Plan Stylish And Romantic Valentine's Wedding Party

Valentine's Day sets the romance in the air. What better day to get married. When you set on how to plan romantic wedding ceremony you can do it stylishly by following these ideas and themes.

Wedding Decorations:

If you do not want the place uniformly decorated with red, then use the color scheme of pink and white. You can use small pops of red roses and flowers. You can put red chargers under the plates, or just a single red flower in the middle of a pink bouquet. A red headband on the bridesmaid will look cool and romantic.

Roses signify love and romance; scatter petals of red roses down the aisle and on the head table, gift table and buffet table.

Use red satin to drape the backdrop behind the head table.

A miniature white plaster cupid can be used as place cards.

Wedding planning is incomplete without a romantic dinner menu. Some of the tips for planning a romantic dinner are:

When the dessert is served, be sure to have the chef line the side of the plates with a heart piped in raspberry sauce or chocolate.

• Offer the guests a romantic chocolate drink when they arrive or may be at the end of the romantic evening.

• Decorate the wedding cake with cinnamon candy hearts.

Valentine theme attire:

If the bride is slightly bold, she can wear a red wedding dress. Otherwise, she can add hints of red with small red crystals in the veil.

Bridesmaid can wear dresses of varied shades of red or different fabric like red satin, red velvet, taffeta, etc.

Other valentine wedding ideas:


Use red velvet lettering on your invitations. You can have the inside of the envelope with a red lining. To be more romantic and innovative use the original Valentine design from the 1700s, the true love knot. A hand drawn maze of loops knotted together, with no beginning or end.

Wedding Car:

Plan to arrive at the church in a flamboyant red car, may be the Jaguar XJ in radiant red.

Bridesmaids gift:

In harmony with the theme, a bracelet of red heart made of glass can be a great gift.

Kiss galore:

When the bride and the brides groom kiss they can share their love story With these fabulous ideas you can creatively make your Valentine wedding ceremony a day that you will cherish for the rest of your life

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ideas to Plan Your Valentine's Day Wedding

Everyone has a desire to make their wedding the most beautiful day in their life. If you are couple and much in love then, what other day than Valentine's Day for the wedding? Well, if you are doing wedding planning for the same; here are some themes ideas and express tips to make sure you make it the most cherished day of your life

Let's see some of the important Valentine's wedding related tips

* Wedding location – While looking for wedding we must have to concentrate on Wedding location that has to be arranged in advance. Once you have fixed your wedding date, the first thing you need to search is an apt wedding location. It depends on the personality of the couple and families concerned as to what kind of wedding locations would suit their taste buds. Some people may go for beach wedding, while some may opt for a normal and quiet church wedding. So, depending upon what kind of a couple you are, decide the best wedding locations and plan accordingly

* Next thing shall be to make a guest list for the wedding. This depends on your budget. If you have a minimal budget, try inviting people who are really close to you. No prize for guessing what to do when you have a too fat budget

* Dressing, food and decorations - Since it would be a valentine's day; you shall take care of the theme and overall look of the wedding venue. Try making a dress that suits the occasion as well as mark the wedding too. A pink gown for the bride shall look superb. Food is another area to be looked upon and the menu could be decided again depending on the budget. Make floral decorations for the Valentine's Day wedding. Usage of loads of flowers shall work wonders. Make sure you get the supply of flowers in advance as on Valentine's Day; flowers might vanish from market in no time

Work on these points to make sure, your wedding on a valentine's day becomes an occasion for you to cherish all your life. Happy Wedding!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Exciting Activity During Wedding Planning

If somebody asks you the most exciting activity during wedding, I am sure you won’t be able to shortlist one activity. The whole episode from wedding planning, deciding the wedding card, attires of the bride and the groom is very interesting.

Wedding planning is the key to success of the wedding event. You can look for an event manager or you can manage it on your own. Each type has its own beauty and advantages. Which ever option you select, budgeting is the most important factor. Now the budgeting depends upon various factors such as the wedding theme, number of guests you want to invite for wedding, the invitation cards, the wedding cake, flower decoration etc. You can allot certain budget for the various expenditures. Allow certain tolerance limits too. In cases where the expenses lean towards the rising edges, you can cut short the expenses from the other heads.

Planning the wedding theme is one of the exciting activities in wedding. You can select the theme you always dreamt as the bride or the groom. There are lots and lots of choices available. If you are planning the wedding in a particular season that you always wanted, such as winter, spring, summer etc., then the seasonal fruits and seasonal wedding flowers become the inseparable part of wedding.

Season wedding theme, such as spring wedding theme is all time favorite. There are tremendous varieties available in wedding cakes which are nicely decorated with the toppings such as flowers, butterflies etc. The bridal ware has endless choices as far as color, fabric and dress decoration is concerned.

All the small little things involved in wedding such as the gifts which are presented as the token of affection to the guests. No matter whether the gift is costly or not, the thought and love behind makes it invaluable. No one can forget the beautifully planned wedding with good food, good music, beautifully decorated wedding venue etc.

Wedding carries special importance in life. Which ever the theme may be and what ever the funds you are spending on the wedding, it always remains as the golden moments of life. When one becomes nostalgic and thinks about the exciting activity in his or her wedding, he or she concludes that the entire wedding episode was full of excitement.