Sunday, July 25, 2010

Unique ideas for wedding planning ceremony

Wedding is the most awaited ceremony and as the wedding date approaches, there are a lot of tasks that are to be completed. If you are planning for wedding, then plan in advance so that there won't be any problem. With the help of unique wedding ideas, you could planning a wedding that would be different and popular amongst the wedding guests. Planning for the wedding usually starts about 8 to 9 months in advance.

While taking into account the wedding planning idea, we can opt for small innovative steps like considering even small neglected aspects and arranging for them in advance. Besides these, couples could also opt for free wedding planning wherein they could have their wedding ceremony in a very small budget. Listed below are some unique ideas for wedding planning ceremony.

Unique ideas related to the items to be considered for wedding planning

Wedding Cake: It should complement with the colors and theme planned for the wedding. You can also consider the same color cake that resembles the wedding decorations or bride's dress. Discuss with the provider in advance about the type of cakes and their sizes. The size of the cake should be decided based of the number of wedding guests. Different varieties of cakes like multilayered cakes and tiered cake are available. Once the requirements such as color, flavor, and the type are finalized, you can order the wedding cake in advance.

Centerpieces and Favors: Different varieties of candles and candle holders can be used as centerpieces. You can also opt for centerpieces that are hand-made and can be reused at home. These centerpieces can also be gifted to the wedding guests along with the thanksgiving note.

For an outdoor wedding, you can use grapevines and floating candles as favor ideas.

Wedding Themes: Various innovative themes can be adopted for the wedding such as eco-friendly wedding or picnic wedding. For couples, who are least interested in the traditional wedding, they could opt for such innovative themes like in eco-friendly wedding. They can go for paperless invitation and send them through emails. Arrange the wedding in daytime and at outdoor venues to avoid excessive usage of lights. This would help to cut down your expenses, and give extreme satisfaction that you have a contributed your wedding ceremony for an environmental cause.

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