Monday, November 8, 2010

Top Best Free Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding is the most awaited occasion in the life of every people. Everybody began to dream about a colorful wedding day from the age of fifteen or sixteen. However, organizing a wedding as elaborately as your dream is not an easy task. Finance is the main problem. Wedding ceremonies are very expensive. Therefore, you have to plan and prepare well. For this, you have to follow some top best free wedding planning tips.

Wedding registry
Wedding registry is a good idea to find the expense for your wedding. Instead of gifting kitchen accessories and other household things, your guests can sponsor a portion of your wedding expense as their gifts. They can give you the money as cash or check. You can put your wedding ideas and plans in the registry to share with your guests and invite them through emails and announcements to inform about your registry.

You may feel that this is a difficult option. But try to enter competitions to win your dream wedding. Some service providers conduct such competitions to promote their site and increase the traffic. You may be the winner, if you have the luck. So, just try, you have nothing to lose, but something to get.

Loyalty cards
You can shop with some loyalty cards provided by many service providers where you get some reward points for each purchase with that loyalty cards. You can use these rewards points for your wedding purpose.

Hotel loyalty cards
Many hotels provide loyalty scheme. Go through their websites and get more details. Before you book a hotel for your wedding ceremony, know about the offers in their loyalty scheme. You have to join the loyalty scheme before reserving that hotel. Suppose you book a $4000 reception at a hotel. You can earn some reward points and you can use these reward points to book accommodations for your guests or to book your honeymoon.

Destination wedding
Planning your wedding and honeymoon in the same hotel is a good free wedding plan. If you book your honeymoon in the same hotel, some hotels may allow you to organize your wedding ceremony, free of charge. So you can save the expense of an auditorium and the rooms for guests.

Do not worry if your bank account does not allow you to fulfill your dream. Follow these wedding tips and get a colorful wedding.

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