Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wedding Theme Ideas

When you are planning for wedding, you have to take into consideration the wedding theme. Depending on the wedding theme, the other aspects like lightings, venue, dresses, food, and decor could be used for wedding planning. Many innovative and inexpensive ideas are available for making a wedding the most memorable experience for you as well as your guests. Free wedding planning options are also available online which will give ideas about Budget wedding.

The first thing that should be planned for a wedding is the theme. There are various unique options available, like the theme could be of artists of 70's. There are many seasonal wedding themes that can be used as a wedding planning idea. They are as follows:

* Christmas wedding theme: In the Christmas wedding theme, mostly the Christmas gifts, Christmas trees are utilized. Beautiful ornaments, ornamental centerpieces are also used

* Summer wedding theme: This wedding theme is opted for mainly in the month of June. The most popular wedding themes that are opted for include beach wedding themes, and tropical wedding theme. Besides these, other options are Rose wedding theme and Butterfly wedding theme

* Spring wedding theme: You can utilize the natural settings as the weather is very pleasant for spring wedding

* Fall wedding theme: The most preferred wedding venue for this theme is your home or church. The colors used include yellows, orange, and navy blue. Fall flowers, and grapevine wreaths can be used as wedding decor.

* Romantic wedding theme: You can use your own imaginative ideas, and bring out a romantic feel to your wedding. Based on the fairy tales and novels, select a theme that can be adapted as a wedding theme

* Beach wedding theme: These wedding themes are very popular and the natural setting of the beach can be used as the theme. We have to be careful about many things such as climate, rules etc

* Winter wedding theme: You can utilize diamond ornaments, and white strapless dresses for bridal wear. Opt for suitable wrap such as red color, or dark colored shawls. White flowers, floating candles, and small white lightnings can be used as wedding decor for winter wedding theme.

Besides these there are other types of wedding ideas like Vintage wedding theme and Western theme wedding theme. Wedding planning ceremony could be planned in advance and utilized as per our own likes, ideas, personality etc.

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