Thursday, December 22, 2011

Things to Consider if You're Planning a Christmas Wedding

Wedding Planning

Christmas is the time of year when everybody is in the celebratory mood. It is the best time to spend time together with your loved ones. However, you can avoid planning your wedding on the Christmas Day and plan out a destination weekend wedding instead. With this all your family members would be able to attend your wedding.

This will help you to celebrate Christmas Eve with your family members and later on go in for Destination wedding. It will help you to get the desired romantic setting for exchanging your vows and beginning your married life.

You have to consider some very important aspects for planning a Christmas Wedding. They are listed below:

  • The foremost aspect to be considered for the wedding planning with Christmas as the theme is to decide the budget for your wedding. Besides this, you have to also decide the date for the wedding and venue for the ceremony.

  • The next step after taking up this decision is to begin the planning process. For this you can either hire a planner or do it on your own.

  • Check out the possible locations which can be booked for organizing your reception ceremony and wedding party. This decision should be taken well in advance and book it to get the desired location.

  • The wedding invitations should be related to the Christmas theme. You can order it online or prepare it on your own.

  • The popular colors commonly considered for the Christmas themed wedding include black, white, bright red or silver colors. The decors, cakes, and favors could be either of these colors or combinations of these colors.

  • You can go in for the Christmas lightings and small pine trees resembling the Christmas tree for the purpose of decoration at the venue. Besides these, an excellent option could be to use ribbons, aromatic candles, or accessories in shape of Santa Claus.

  • The style and fabrics used for the wedding dress should match the winter season and Christmas theme. You can consult your planner to get the best deals and offers for the dresses.

  • For the gifts present for the wedding, you can arrange for some games and Christmas gifts for them. You can give the responsibility to your friend or a family member to dress up as Santa Claus and give these gifts to the children present for the ceremony.

  • The popular choices for the menu include hot chocolate, eggnog, Salmon Sandwiches, baked beans, Christmas cookies, gingerbread, and many other delicious treats garnished with plenty of nuts, almonds, chocolate chips, or cranberries.

  • You should not forget the most important aspect which is your wedding cakes in christmas. The wedding cake for Christmas theme could be perfect blend of Christmas theme and your personal likes at affordable rates.

You have to remember the important guidelines mentioned above for planning a Christmas Wedding.