Monday, August 2, 2010

Wedding planning importance & significance

Wedding is a kind of ritual in which two people are united by a tradition of marriage. Wedding ceremonies vary greatly between countries, religions, cultures and social classes. Many of the wedding ceremonies involve exchange of wedding rings and wedding vows by the bride and the bride-groom.

Wedding is also a very interesting event full of joy and happiness encompassing all the features of a marital bliss.

Wedding Planning starts before marriage. Bride, Bridegroom and their parents make the wedding plan in advance.

Even the bride and the bridegroom's friends participate in the wedding plan. They Plan to purchase gifts to be given during wedding, things to be purchased in order to decorate the wedding hall and get different ideas suggesting different combinations of dresses and make-ups for the bride and the bride groom.

Wedding Plan carries the same importance as planning for a big carnival and planning to have a big party after the victory of the Spanish Football team at the world cup.

The important things like wedding invitation, reception date, reception place, reception time and the number of guests that are to be invited for the wedding and dinner is included in the Wedding Plan. The lists of activities are carried out according to the amount of importance associated to each activity. These activities are worked out according to the wedding plan.

Wedding Planning concentrates not only on the wedding arrangements but also on the budget. Financial Planning for the wedding ceremony should be made in such a way that quantity of food served to the guests after wedding should be maintained with the quality.

Wedding Planning includes heavy responsibilities. So it is necessary to systematically bifurcate the responsibilities properly between the different members of family and allocate the work to them according to their particular work efficiency. It is also necessary to capture important and unforgettable events with friends and relatives after the wedding ceremony. So it is necessary to hire a professional photographer as wedding is the most auspicious and important occasion of one's life. Even one can even hire a person to take a live video-shooting of the important events of the wedding ceremony so that the bride and bridegroom's friends and relatives can see them on video in near future. Even which songs should be sung or which music should be recorded at the time of the wedding should be included in the wedding planning and the decision on the kind of music to be played
during the wedding ceremony should be taken before few days of wedding.

Thus, we can say that wedding is the most significant occasion in the life of each one of us. So in order to have a happy and a joyful wedding ceremony a wedding planning should be made in such a manner that no invited guest should feel ignored .In Short, each and every guest coming for the wedding should be attended as per the wedding plan.

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