Thursday, December 16, 2010

Planning A Wedding Reception On A Budget

A grand wedding reception is a dream of all people. But sometimes, your limited bank account may not allow you to organize a luxurious ceremony. However, you can conduct a colorful and memorable wedding reception at a reasonable rate with proper planning.

Tips for planning a wedding reception on a budget

• You have to create a detailed list of all "must haves" for your wedding reception. It should contain the venue, attire, decoration, vendors etc. You have to mention whether you want photographer and videographer and whether you want any other activities etc. It helps you to calculate the estimate expense.

• Prioritize your list in a way that the most wanted "must haves" are at the top and the least wanted are at the bottom. It is then easy to remove the things that you like but is not necessary and to limit the expense within your budget.

• Venue is an important element. You have to decide whether your venue should be in any restaurant, hotel, home or a hall where you have to bring the catered food. The thing that takes the major chunk of your budget is the food. Many restaurants offer private hall for wedding parties. You can also hold your reception in some garden or at someone’s home. You can bring a caterer to save money.

• If you want music for your wedding, you can hire a live musician or a DJ. If your preference is to a live music, contact a school or a church, so that you get to know of a budding student musician and then you can hire him for less money. Professional photographers can be very priceypricy. So you can approach your friends or family members who own digital cameras. Try to get photography students who will work for a low fee.

• No matter where your reception venue is, it should be decorated beautifully. The inexpensive flowers and ornate may not be affordable for you. So, you can find many less expensive alternatives such as rose petals and clusters of votives

• Try to find a good dress but not a branded one for the bride. The groom can rent his attire at an affordable rate. Instead of an expensive make-up artist, approach a makeup counter in a departmental store.

These tips for planning a wedding reception on a budget help you to save your fortune.

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