Friday, October 22, 2010

Tips For Choosing Wedding Theme

Wedding is the most precious event in the life of an individual. Everybody plans and prepares, long before, to make their dream wedding a special occasion. One of the most effective and cost-friendly ways to make your wedding day, a memorable event is to have a good theme for your wedding. There are many kinds of wedding themes like a color theme, a film or TV program, an era or a sporting activity etc.

Having a theme adds special attraction to your wedding. However, you have to think about many factors to find a good theme that fits to your taste and wedding budget. Here are some tips for choosing a wedding theme.

Select a theme that is personal for you both
There might be a special film or a T V program that you both like. Suppose you both like the film, Alice in Wonderland or you both are interested in mountain biking, try to incorporate these ideas in your wedding day. You can add some simple things to your theme such as music, favors, foods and table centerpieces.

Decide whether you like a traditional or a modern theme
Some people like to have a traditional wedding. They are not ready to be very creative on their wedding theme. Such people can theme their marriage function according to the season. For example, a winter wedding has vases with rock salt and twigs as the table centerpiece and snowflakes, and icicles on the ceiling.

But if you have a completely different idea, there are a lot of options for you. Fusion of two themes such as Malaysian/Scottish is a new trend nowadays. You can combine Malaysian wedding decoration with traditional Scottish costumes.

Plan whether you want a formal or an informal theme
Some people think wedding should be a formal event, but others want it in an informal way. According to them, wedding is the occasion for sharing joy and happiness. But, once you plan a wedding theme, then it is difficult to change it. You have to pay extra to change your already planned theme.

Be conscious about your budget
Budget is one of the important tips for choosing a wedding theme. If you plan a budget wedding, then your theme should be able to save your money. Beach wedding is comparatively an economical wedding theme.

The first thing that engaged couples should do is to discuss with each other and reach to a common idea.