Thursday, February 10, 2011

How To Plan Stylish And Romantic Valentine's Wedding Party

Valentine's Day sets the romance in the air. What better day to get married. When you set on how to plan romantic wedding ceremony you can do it stylishly by following these ideas and themes.

Wedding Decorations:

If you do not want the place uniformly decorated with red, then use the color scheme of pink and white. You can use small pops of red roses and flowers. You can put red chargers under the plates, or just a single red flower in the middle of a pink bouquet. A red headband on the bridesmaid will look cool and romantic.

Roses signify love and romance; scatter petals of red roses down the aisle and on the head table, gift table and buffet table.

Use red satin to drape the backdrop behind the head table.

A miniature white plaster cupid can be used as place cards.

Wedding planning is incomplete without a romantic dinner menu. Some of the tips for planning a romantic dinner are:

When the dessert is served, be sure to have the chef line the side of the plates with a heart piped in raspberry sauce or chocolate.

• Offer the guests a romantic chocolate drink when they arrive or may be at the end of the romantic evening.

• Decorate the wedding cake with cinnamon candy hearts.

Valentine theme attire:

If the bride is slightly bold, she can wear a red wedding dress. Otherwise, she can add hints of red with small red crystals in the veil.

Bridesmaid can wear dresses of varied shades of red or different fabric like red satin, red velvet, taffeta, etc.

Other valentine wedding ideas:


Use red velvet lettering on your invitations. You can have the inside of the envelope with a red lining. To be more romantic and innovative use the original Valentine design from the 1700s, the true love knot. A hand drawn maze of loops knotted together, with no beginning or end.

Wedding Car:

Plan to arrive at the church in a flamboyant red car, may be the Jaguar XJ in radiant red.

Bridesmaids gift:

In harmony with the theme, a bracelet of red heart made of glass can be a great gift.

Kiss galore:

When the bride and the brides groom kiss they can share their love story With these fabulous ideas you can creatively make your Valentine wedding ceremony a day that you will cherish for the rest of your life