Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Royal Wedding of Princess Charlene & Prince Albert

Prince Albert ties a knot with Princes Charlene at the Prince's palace. This grand royal wedding took place on 2nd July in Monaco. Charlene is a great and former Olympic swimmer who belongs to South Africa. Choosing a wedding dress is an important part of planning a wedding. She wore a Giorgio Armani Prive gown at her wedding ceremony. This gown is made of off –white silk duchesse. Charlene's gown took almost 2,500 hours as it was sewn into 420 yards of off-white silk. Albert wore a cream colored summer uniform at the wedding ceremony.

The televised wedding took place inside the courtyard of the Prince's palace. A performance by a famous singer named Andrea Bocelli was arranged for the wedding ceremony. This newlywed couple departs from Monaco after the wedding ceremony. Charlene wipes a tear as she is going to leave the St Devote Church after her wedding. Albert already has an illegal 6 year old son named Alexandre and a 19 year daughter named Jazmin. For avoiding media exposure, both were kept away from the marriage ceremony of Albert according to an official inside the royal palace.

The source added that the truth behind this rumor is that Prince Albert faces fatherhood tests following a claim of an ex- lover. However, none of the illegal brood of the Prince Albert will have an assertion to the throne, with the official saying, although a third child is confirmed, Albert is not going to have an official heir unless Charlene bears him one. Lawyers of Albert reported that the rumor that he fathered another child is not true.


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