Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How to choose royal couple their wedding & reception cakes

While you do planning your wedding want to please everyone. There are many family traditions and expectations and if it is a royal wedding the traditions and expectations are far more. Couples work to make this event as traditional, unique and personal as possible. Obviously, such is the case with Prince William and the bride to be Kate Middleton. A national celebration in the UK, the wedding is the knot that will be tied at the West minister Abbey. Details of the wedding cakes have recently been revealed for the people who crave for the tidbits of the royal wedding.

Keeping up with the British wedding tradition, the wedding cake will be a brandy fruit cake with candied and dried fruits and nuts. Fruit cake tastes better after a process of 4 weeks aging, the cake is already begun to bake by the chosen cake designer Fiona Cairns. Cairns has a bakery in the English countryside which makes 27,000 cakes a week and is known for her fruitcakes and for using ingredients that are true to the royal tradition. According to Cairns, the cake is many tiered and each tier flaunts a different theme. It will be decorated in cream and white tones and will be embellished with floral elements planned well in advance. She agreed that Kate the bride knew what she wanted. She had a few traditional ideas but with quite a modern twist.

Flowers decorated on the cake give a meaning to the occasion and are used in the architecture of Buckingham Palace. The flowers represent the countries of the UK, the Scottish thistle, English rose, Welsh daffodil and Irish shamrock. Other elements used on the cake are oak and acorn that stand for strength and endurance.

Prince William will set a new tradition by having a groom's cake which is quite unusual in the UK tradition. His cake is popularly called the "chocolate cookie cake", and is based on a royal recipe which is a secret.

The unbaked cake consists of 1700 McVities Rich Tea biscuits mixed with 17 kilo dark chocolate before it gets molded to multiple tiers and heaped and decorated with chocolate.

This wedding might set up new trends for royal wedding cakes and royal couples will start to have wedding plans differently.

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